Little Lines: A Year of Haiku

by Mark Keating (@shadowcat_mdk)

In 2015 I undertook the challenge of composing at least one haiku each week. By the end of the year I had written 121 of them. This book is a celebration of the year in weekly haiku with a series of extra poems grouped into loose thematic sections.

The book is available free to download as an ebook, if enough people request it I will make it available for POD (print on demand). I have also printed a full copy of the Poems below for those who do not wish to download.


Mobi Version

ePub Version

Amazon (AWZ) Version


If you like you can make a donation which will help me to continue to write and release works. Please use to make a donation.

Little Lines Online

I promised people that I would ensure there is a text version of this book available online for viewing, I have published the works here (, if you would prefer a version not inside a CMS just drop me a line (I know that you can find me or tweet at @shadowcat_mdk) to let me know.

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