Little Lines: A Year of Haiku

by Mark Keating ( @shadowcat_mdk)

In 2015 Mark undertook the challenge of composing at least one haiku each week of the year. By the end of the year he had written 121 of them. This book is a celebration of the year in weekly haikus one for each week of the year. The extra poems were grouped into loose thematic sections as they were written throughout that time.

The book is available free to download as an ebook, if enough people request it we will make it available for print (print on demand).

Children’s Birthday

Riots of hair and flesh.
Spin, fall, roll, run, jump. Madness
dances of gibbons. 

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Little Lines Online

We promised people that we would ensure there is a text version of this book available online for viewing, I have published the works here at, if you would prefer a version not inside a CMS just drop Mark a line (tweet at @shadowcat_mdk) to let him know, or email DAMB.