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Hi meatspace denizens* and welcome to the site. The Dog Ate My Bookshop is an online book publishing company based around a few local authors and works. We are a fledgling organisation so stick with us as we evolve and grow with you.

The titles that we will be supporting will generally be free, or reasonably, costed electronic works and the occasional print-on-demand (POD) via a trusted supplier.

Since we both support local independent publishing and publishing freedoms we do not collect money directly from book sales or royalties at this time. Our authors collect their own funds either by donation or by sales and we wish them good luck with that.

If our project grows we might ask our authors to contribute towards keeping this initiative alive, at this time, we don’t need to, so we don’t. We encourage you to purchase, donate or invest in the authors here in the manner they request on their book pages.

If you have any suggestions for us to improve then hit the blog page where we have allowed you to comment.

* It would have been too easy to just say people or folks.