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Mark Keating is an odd male with roughly five decades of chronological competence in his girth. He is married to Leigh a lecturer in Psychology and a person of great patience and unsurpassed kawaii-ness.

They live in Lancaster, UK, conveniently, for the most part, since that’s where their three children, Benjamin, Elliott and Asher, also live. They are terrorised by a cat called Darwin and a dog called Bonnie.

Can talk, at length, at too much length, about lots of subjects, but never start him on British Science Fiction especially if you don’t like, or want to know about, Doctor Who.

Mark lives his life by few mottos but likes to think that we should all pay our kindness up front; his only advice that he himself espoused was ‘never lick a bee’; his favourite phrase, ‘I am responsible for what I say and not what you understand’; his favourite motto, ‘chance favours the prepared mind’..

Bullet Points
  • Likes to be seen as a writer and a lover of nonsense, surreilism and whimsy; accidentally a leader (of sorts).
    Fidelissimus Semper
  • Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems a software consultancy in the North West of England.
  • A community contributor who has organised the London Perl Workshop on 10 occasions along with the FLOSSUK Spring conference, Barcamps, Dynamic Languages Conference and Quality Assurance Hackathon.
  • A lover of communities and the social mix that is humanity. Blessed with melancholy, feels he is both a champion and a sceptic of the future.
  • Identifies as a male, but otherwise refusing to be easily defined. He is an advocate of; change, equality, aspiration, opportunity and education.
  • Studies the cliche that is humanity as an amateur with a powerful microscope and a zoological guide to the mating habits of the hermaphroditic annelid.
Quick Bio

Married, parent, pet owner, omnivore, author, photographer, dreamer and child.